With Omer'sWay, a Sudanese immigrant has developed a chain of disruptive job creation ideas to conquer the global unemployment problem.


Brooklyn, New York (PRWEB) January 16, 2013

Omer Abasher moved to New York City in 1989 from Sudan with a diploma in mechanical engineering. In the last 23 years, he taught himself English, mastered computer and Internet skills and created businesses in different industries. His goal in 2013 is very simple; with his company Omer'sWay Inc, he is dedicated to resolve the unemployment problem worldwide! To begin his quest, he is offering the American Government his assistance in creating 10 million jobs here in the States, for free, if the Government will remove their economic sanctions against his beloved place of birth, Sudan.

Omer Abasher says he is capable of solving the unemployment problem worldwide and wants to start in the States first. In 1995, he began to conduct economic and humanistic research to develop unemployment solutions. His company Omer'sWay Inc is the first venture whose sole purpose is international job creation. Its core business is direct job creation by implementing disruptive ideas and building new industries, for the purpose of achieving peace and stability worldwide.

As Mr. Abasher says, “The whole world has been living a major mistake for hundreds of years believing that high unemployment is due to a bad economy, Direct job creation is the only solution that will solve all the problems that are crippling the whole world.”

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Brooklyn, NY (PRWEB) December 21, 2011

After 15 years of independent research and development on the global unemployment problem and how to create lasting solutions by direct job creation, Omer’s Way Inc. has developed a very strong solution, as well as systems that can be easily adapted to work anywhere.

Omer’s Way is proudly announcing job creation as a standalone industry. Job creation should be and must be an industry by itself because the demand for jobs is too large to be ignored. What is more important than securing a job for every person on this planet and thus obtaining the security that goes along with steady income? believes that job creation is not only the decisive solution to the unemployment problem, but the solution to many social problems as well, such as poverty, homelessness, human trafficking, and prostitution. is taking job creation to the next level by starting a job creation industry that creates solutions regardless of the unemployment rate, an industry that constantly creates jobs to meet the annual demand that is created by new people entering the workforce.

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“OmarsWay will be the best gift ever given to the US Government: a program dedicated to creating 10 million US jobs in less than two years.” – Omer Abashar, founder and owner of OmarsWay.


Brooklyn, NY (PRWEB) January 14, 2014

OmarsWay was created and developed by Omer Abashar – a Sudanese immigrant, social entrepreneur, inventor and mechanical engineer – after 25 years of hard work, dedication, passion and a clear goal to solve the global unemployment problem.

The first for-profit, job-creation program was created as a result of 17 years of research and development on the subject of unemployment solutions and job creation by Abashar. Their goal is to utilize US exports of capital goods services and know-how to help develop job creation projects in other countries which will result in creating jobs in the US.

“This could be America's job for the next 200 years,” Abashar comments. “Our program looks towards developing other countries peacefully and having export transactions financed by Exim Bank, USTDA, The World Bank and its agencies, local banks in the importing countries, and governments of the importing countries.”

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A New York-based independent immigrant engineer and inventor has just finished developing major instant job creation solutions and formulas which will work anywhere in the world. Omer’s Way Inc. is proudly announcing the launch of the first global job creation company on the planet and the beginning of a new industry – job creation.

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