“OmarsWay will be the best gift ever given to the US Government: a program dedicated to creating 10 million US jobs in less than two years.” – Omer Abashar, founder and owner of OmarsWay.


Brooklyn, NY (PRWEB) January 14, 2014

OmarsWay was created and developed by Omer Abashar – a Sudanese immigrant, social entrepreneur, inventor and mechanical engineer – after 25 years of hard work, dedication, passion and a clear goal to solve the global unemployment problem.

The first for-profit, job-creation program was created as a result of 17 years of research and development on the subject of unemployment solutions and job creation by Abashar. Their goal is to utilize US exports of capital goods services and know-how to help develop job creation projects in other countries which will result in creating jobs in the US.

“This could be America's job for the next 200 years,” Abashar comments. “Our program looks towards developing other countries peacefully and having export transactions financed by Exim Bank, USTDA, The World Bank and its agencies, local banks in the importing countries, and governments of the importing countries.”


As a result of these export transactions; jobs can be created for Americans in the US, without sending them overseas. According to Abashar, America will create and retain about 6,000 jobs for every $1 billion of export (Exim bank’s study). He also points out that for the same $1 billion US dollar transaction, 20,000 jobs can also be created in most of the importing countries, which makes OmarsWay mutually beneficial to all the parties involved.

It is also one of the program’s goals to help global immigrants participate in the projects in their home countries and make jobs available for their immediate family members, instead of them sending monthly survival money to their families.

“When God created this earth,” said Omar Abashar, “He also provided plenty of resources for everyone. Current economic conditions have nothing to do with what is available for people to use; nations must work together because there is plenty for everyone.”

To kick-start the new OmarsWay program, Abashar states that the following requirements are essential:

1) Converting US Exim Bank to a permanent bank and lifting its lending ceiling to $1 trillion the first year, and $2 trillion the second year. After this the increase can be as needed.

2) Lifting the US sanction against Sudan. Sudan has abundant demand for US exports, which will in return create lots of jobs in the US – not to mention the strategic location of Sudan in Africa.

3) Approving job creation as a stand-alone industry for profit, so that jobs can always be created to meet the annual demand created by people entering the workforce.

4) Willing government officials and supporters from the rest of the world can show their support by visiting here.

Or for more information on the OmarsWay program, visit here.

About OmarsWay

Omarsway specializes in finding new business opportunities globally. We meet with our global business partners, conducting research and studies, financing and execution to help them create a profitable business. We strive to make a social impact by showing the companies how to create jobs and, at the same time, make a reasonable profit. This leads us to replenish our operation and become self-propelled for continuous job creation.


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