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Job Creation

Job Creation

*Throughout this website, job creation refers to private sector  job creation

Since unemployment became the number one problem around the globe, an effective solution to the problem is achieved by creating jobs directly. That means opening new businesses and expanding existing ones. The job creation process is vital in solving the unemployment problem. Here are some definitions and methods according to the results of 15 years of research we have conducted including development of revolutionary new solutions to this global problem.

Job Creation Definition

Job creation is the act of making a respectable, permanent job available by opening a new business or expanding an existing one. Before we move on to the methods of our organic and natural creation, let us explore who the real job creators are and who they are not.

Job creators are engineers who studied math and science where they spent lots of hours solving mathematical and science problems, at the same time they possess an unlimited imagination. those problem solving skills are essential in solving real life problems including unemployment problems. Those social entrepreneurs normally are driven to achieve social impact by making job creation their sole focus. a massive job creation project alleviates human poverty and suffering in areas where those jobs are created.

Job creators are rare to find and that is what prompted me to make the decision of becoming one in 1996. Before the launching  of OmarsWay,  jobs were created by entrepreneurs  who opened businesses for the main goal of financial  gain and who create jobs by default, the disadvantage of this method , is the number of jobs goes up and down with layoffs when the economy goes bad, also jobs created this way are very limited. Hiring stops after the first five to six years of the business life.

When exploring who the job creators are, it is important to mention those who are not job creators as well. Politicians, government employees, economists, and financial service professionals  are not job creators simply because they are not qualified to do so, qualified means wired to create jobs.

NOTE: Wired or equipped to create jobs is best explained in this video [Click To Play]:

     Finally, extremely rich people are not job creators because they are only focus on their success in amassing more wealth.

Our own methods of job creation


  1.  By export and import our mutual job creation system will create jobs in both countries, the exporting country  (USA) and any importing country.  In this method jobs are created according to the  following Formulae:-  

    One billion dollars US export creates between 5000 – 7000 jobs in the US, in the same  time  it creates  (5000-7000)x importing  country currency conversion, jobs  in the Importing country, with some exceptions. Calculations are different by  transaction type, and importing country.
  2.  By starting  new industries  we already  invent and start new services  related to other existing  industries.
  3.  By immigrants reverse investment and reverse immigration  as follows:

     a) for legal immigrants by creating  jobs in their original countries for them and and their family members  using  the export method  explained above.

     b) for illegal immigrants  by creating jobs in their original countries and also alleveited the suffering caused by being non-documented  immigrants.
  4.  By building  normal companies  and businesses according to the perfect location and demand rules.
  5.  By  starting  new industries that we have already invented and developed.
  6.  Finally these  are just  samples  of our large list of very innovative methods of job creation.


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