Our services are completely different and cover many countries, entities, firms and people. In the following paragraphs, we will mention only some of them.

For foreign governments:

  • Job Creation Contracts ( these differ from one country to another.)
  • Building of infrastructure, bridges and roads including financing.
  • Development of any industry, for example manufacturing, agriculture, importing technology and equipment.
  • Supplying and building big projects such as oil refineries, etc. 
  • Making financing available on all government and private sectors contracts, world wide for up to 15 years  in some cases.

For (Non-Profit Organizations) working overseas.

Services available include execution of projects of their choice using US equipment and exports. Financing for exports is available to all  NGOs.

For Exporters:

Our services for exporters is marketing and selling their products and services in the global markets, without the headache of finding buyers. Exporters will be paid immediately since all of the exports are financed, Financing is also available  for foreign buyers.

For Importers:

Services  for international companies world wide, includes help in locating  US products and services including export financing  via a third party providers.

For Inventors and Entrepreneurs:

Services includes screening  and project selection  for investors world wide, help and support to entrepreneurs and inventors including  third party financing.


For Investors World Wide:

We have many services  and investment opportunities for investors world wide, please

Submit your information  and questions via  the “Contact Us” page.

For the General Public Worldwide:

Our services to all people world wide, is to create jobs and make them available, so please stay tuned  and look for our resume submitting site in the blog and news section.



All services offered are executed  by US companies with vast experience in their field.

Financing is available  for all projects and services offered  for governments and private sectors  world wide.


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